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Although televisions are getting slimmer, they are also becoming wider. As space is limited everywhere, mounting a TV can be a space-efficient method on any premise. When mount is used for a TV, it creates a spacious feel to the entire environment without taking up unnecessary space that could be used for something else.


When mounting a TV, finding the right TV bracket that suits your TV and needs is essential. Regardless of whether your TV is an LED, LCD, or OLED, most TV brackets are suitable for flat-panel TVs. However, there are still additional things to consider when deciding which bracket is more ideal for your space and usage of the TV.

Fixed TV Bracket Mounting

The Fixed TV Bracket is the most basic. This TV bracket mounts the television to the wall as close as possible, leaving just enough space to install cables behind the TV. Using this bracket will allow you to maximise the space in your room the most.


If your HDMI connection is located at the rear end of the TV, you would need to obtain a right-angle HDMI adaptor or cable to use with this TV bracket. If your HDMI port is at the side of your TV, there should be no problems with this TV bracket.

Tilting TV Bracket

The Tilting TV Wall Mount is like the Fixed TV Bracket. The difference between the two is that the Tilting TV Wall Mount allows the TV screen to be tilted up or down while being attached to the wall.


This TV Bracket is ideal for situations where you need to mount your TV higher than necessary due to limited wall space. In this case, you can tilt to screen down towards you. This allows for a more comfortable viewing experience. Another situation where the tilting bracket is useful is if your TV is near a window. The tilting function will enable you to reduce reflections from light sources.

Articulating TV Bracket

The Articulating TV Bracket allows the position of the screen to be changed. A wide range of movement is afforded with this TV bracket.


In situations where space is tight, this TV bracket allows you to pull out the TV when in use and pushed against the wall when not in use.


Compared to the conventional TV Brackets that come when you purchase a TV, Yi Leng can help you choose and install the TV bracket to your needs. Additionally, in the event where your TV bracket breaks down, we can troubleshoot and rectify the issue.


We have a large variety of wall brackets to fit all kinds of television. Our wall brackets are of top quality and are installed with care by our experts.


Wall Brackets Available:

  • Home TV Bracket
  • TV Bracket and Wire Trunking
  • Custom-made Adjustable Bracket
  • Long Arm Bracket
  • Slim Wall Bracket
  • Adjustable TV Arm Brackets
  • Ceiling Mounted TV Bracket
  • Large Size Adjustable TV Bracket
  • Adjustable Wall Mounted TV Bracket
  • Slim Fixed Position TV Bracket
  • Tilting Bracket
  • CIT

TV Wall Mounting Service

Before you mount your TV, some considerations need to be made. Firstly, there should be space near where the TV is to be mounted for several components such as game consoles or cable boxes. If the television cords cannot reach the mounted TV ports, a shelving unit can be installed below to resolve the issue. A neat appearance can be achieved by concealing the cables and cords.


Our team at Yi Leng can help you through the whole process from choosing a TV bracket to cord installation and wiring the TV.


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