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Why Use Projector Installation Singapore Services?

For large families, a home theatre with a projector is the most ideal for enjoying a movie night. To recreate a theatre in your very own home, one can choose to install a projector complete with a sound system. With a projector, not only can you watch movies and TV shows, home videos can be screened and shared with the entire family. With a projector, everyone can sit comfortably and watch movies together.


At the office, a projector comes in handy, especially for presentations. Every employee can view the presentation clearly, and no one will be left out of the loop.


Our installation service is not limited to households and offices. We can supply equipment and provide installation services for commercial clients as well.

Our projector supply and installation services include:


  • Installation of PA System
  • Installation of Audio and Visual System
  • Installation of TV, Network and Cable Point
  • Large Scale TV Installation
  • Supply & Installation of LED/LCD/Plasma TV
  • Supply & Installation of TV Brackets (All sizes and functions)
  • Supply & Installation of Projector and Projector Screen


Installing projectors and sound system requires proper wiring of equipment. At Yi Leng Electronics Service, our team of professionals is skilled in carrying out reliable wiring and installation work.


For any business or function, we supply and provide installation services to cater to your needs. Please contact us for enquiries on our past commercial projects.


Common projector setups include:

  • Conference room projector
  • Meeting room projector
  • Home theater projector
  • Whiteboard projector
  • Ceiling projector

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