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Our electricians are skilled in carrying out a variety of electrical works and repairs. They will help to identify and solve any electrical problems you face. We can handle electrical wiring, power trips, and electrical installations.

Electrical Wiring


When moving to a new house or remodelling a home, electrical wiring is needed to ensure that all our lights, appliances, and equipment can function.


Electrical wiring is tricky work that requires expert knowledge and skill. As it is delicate, we need professionals who know where each wire needs to go based on the needs of the owners. Not only can it be dangerous, electrical wiring, when done wrongly, can affect the liveability of the space.


Our reliable team can carry out electrical extension, power point installations, rewiring home for technology upgrades, and more.

Power Trips and Failures


Power trips are inconvenient and can cause damage to your appliances and equipment.


Why do they occur? Power trips and failure occur due to disruptions in the wiring of your home. The source of disruption can be challenging to identify as it can occur anywhere in the wiring.


Our team is experienced in electrical work and has extensive experience with power trips. We understand the importance of getting the power up and running as soon as possible. Contact us so we can troubleshoot and solve your power trip swiftly to get your home or office running again in no time.

Electrical Installations


We can help you install any electrical equipment from ceiling fans, light fixtures, power sockets, water heaters, and more. Our electricians are skilled and can offer the best advice for your needs. Our electricians possess the relevant knowledge and skills to carry out the wiring processes required when installing appliances and power sockets. In our installation, maintenance, and repair works, our absolute priority is safety to our employees and our clients.


At Yi Leng Electronics Service, all our services are carried out by licensed & skilled electricians that will do a reliable job that comes with warranty. Feel free to contact us for reliable electrician Singapore services.


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