Door Access System

Door Access Control System


Door knobs are becoming out of date. Losing our keys can be a hassle. Furthermore, there is an additional risk of forgetting to keep keys on our person when leaving homes or offices.


Door access systems are an effective way to prevent us from being locked out when we forget our keys. We can use our fingerprint, face or a pin number to unlock doors.

Card Access System

Digital door locks are much more convenient. Information Access digital door locks are unlocked using a specific pin or an access card. Tapping a card to unlock a door is much faster and easier to than using a key, especially when your hands are full, and you are in a rush for time. When unlocking doors with a PIN, we do not need to worry about forgetting keys.

Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

Using our fingerprint guarantees that only authorised users can unlock the door. This provides us with added security, knowing that only those with registered fingerprints can enter. User verification can be done swiftly.


Digital door locks are more pick proof compared to conventional door locks, thus giving your home more safety. They also provide greater convenience in opening doors. With a digital door lock that locks automatically every time it is closed, you don’t have to worry about whether you forgot to lock the door or not.

Door Access Installation

As the digital door locks control who has access to our homes and offices, we need to ensure that they are correctly installed and work reliably.


Want to enjoy all these benefits of a door access system? We can help you install the wiring of your door access systems to guarantee that it operates efficiently and reliably.

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